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It's Coronation Day!

When I heard that Disneyland Hotel in Disneyland Paris was reopening after years of being refurbished and closed, I just knew I had to be there for its royal reopening!

So, 25th January 2024, my sister and I drove across to Disneyland Paris and checked in at what I can only describe as the best Disney hotel I’ve ever been to.

Our story begins on a private driveway onto the hotel complex, a secret bridge, valet parking at the hotel entrance, a concierge service that takes your luggage from your car for you, then magically appears in your room, and I can’t not mention the incredible lobby with that gorgeous chandelier either.

The entrance location itself blew my mind, I couldn’t work out on a map before we arrived where the main entrance was, the hotel is so so close to Disneyland Park, you actually walk under and through the hotel to get to Main Street USA! But it’s well signposted and we found our way without issue.

Your first real experience of the hotel is the moment you walk through its doors, free from luggage (it’s with concierge 😍) you are welcomed by a Royal Greeter to the East Wing’s 3 storey lobby with the most grandiose chandelier I’ve ever seen. Bohemian crystal made in the Czech Republic to represent Disneyland Paris’ Sleeping Beauty Castle. From the furniture to the flowers, all expertly chosen to ensure you truly feel like you’re in a royal library, among the princes and princesses this hotel has been themed upon.

Whilst I usually find check in at a hotel is nothing more than a tedious necessity, the ritual of checking in at Disneyland Hotel Paris is nothing short of magical. Surprise 5* touches that clearly have so much thought and feeling behind them, beautiful gifts for you to keep, your room being assigned based on your favourite princess (the list includes Raya! More on that below) then a guided tour of the hotel en route to your room.

For us, our Royal Greeter at the door was also the gentleman that checked us in, gave us a tour of the East Wing and showed us to our room. He ensured our luggage was efficiently delivered and he arranged for extra surprises to be left in our room to ensure we could have 1 of each gift each. Nelson, thank you for giving us such a warm welcome and really bringing those 5* touches to life.

The hotel has 2 luxurious restaurants.

The first is a Character Dining experience called Royal Banquet with Donald, Daisy, Goofy, Minnie and main man himself, Mickey Mouse. Located in the octagonal shaped central point of the hotel, known as the Rotunda, inspired by French royalty with hundreds of gold Fleur Dy Lys on its deep blue vaulted ceiling. 

Just next door is restaurant number 2; La Table De Lumiere, exquisite French fine dining that pay homage to Beauty & The Beast’s ballroom. Here you can dine with Royal Couples such as Belle & Beast, Aurora & Philip, Tiana & Naveen.

Both restaurants are only available to Disneyland Hotel residents and get very booked up so make those reservations as soon as you can!

Also in the central point of the hotel is the beautiful bar Fleur De Lys where I sampled what I can only describe as the best cocktail I have ever had! It was €28 so it’s also the most expensive cocktail I’ve ever had but it was honestly divine!

Full Fleur De Lys bar experience in this video.

Rooms & Suites

There are a total of 487 rooms and suites across 4 categories at Disneyland Hotel in Paris, that range from pricey to staggering, but each more beautiful than the last.

Superior Rooms – 346 in total

This is the “cheapest” room available at Disneyland Hotel, there are 346 of them and are up to 40.7m2. This is where we stayed.

We could choose from Superior Rooms inspired by: 

-Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs


-Sleeping Beauty

-The Little Mermaid

-Beauty and the Beast


-The Princess and the Frog




-Raya & the Last Dragon. 

We chose Ariel, The Little Mermaid!

The level of luxury in this “standard” room is incredible. From the magical mirror TV to sugar cubes that looked like designer cookies, a tangled mirror, rapunzel sunshine light switches, Ariel artwork and the plushest robes you ever did see.

Staying opening night in January is low season and we paid £817 for the 1 night, room only. We booked through the official Walt Disney Travel Company and it included a free P&O Ferry Crossing which helped with the trips overall cost!

I searched through room prices for the rest of the year and £817 was one of the very lowest prices I found.

Part 2 of our Disneyland Hotel Paris vlog series.

Deluxe Room – 82 in total

Whilst the Deluxe Rooms look very similar in both decor and size, to the Superior Room, when I read the following I just HAD to add this room to my bucket list:

“For the magical bedtime ritual experience, an illuminated animated canopy above the bed, along with exclusive artworks showcasing iconic moments from these Disney stories magically come to life with a special enchantment in the room.”

This has become a necessity now for me to experience this, rather than a want, it’s a need. My wallet is very sad about this but my heart sings!

There is also the exclusive to Deluxe Room guests; Deluxe Lounge, for breakfast, afternoon snacks and all day drinks. If you’ve ever stayed in the Golden Forest at Sequoia Lodge, Empire State at Marvel or Compass Club at Newport Bay then this is the 5* version of those. More to come on this in a future blog. (Subscribe for notification so you don’t miss when it’s up 😊)

Castle Club

If you have stayed at a Disneyland Paris hotel before, then you may have heard of Compass Club at Newport Bay or Empire State Club at The Art Of Marvel. But, as they’re both 4* hotels and Disneyland Hotel is DLP’s only 5* hotel you can be sure to find the most elevated level of service at Disneyland Hotel’s Castle Club. Which is why I compared the Deluxe Lounge to other DLP’s club levels and not DLH’s Castle Club.

It’s so exclusive, it’s like being inside a completely different hotel. A hotel within a hotel. All situated on the upper floors of the Rotunda, you enter via your own lift / elevator and breakfast with the Princesses comes as standard in the Castle Club restaurant overlooking Main Street USA and arguably the most beautiful of all the Disney castles.

Within Castle Club at there are 41 Castle Club Rooms, 16 Signature Suites, 1 Princely Suite and 1 Royal Suite. These are up to 206m2, some with views of Main Street & Sleeping Beauty’s Castle that would bring tears to your eyes.

Along the main corridor on the 2nd floor, between the East Wing and the Rotunda are the Royal Collection Boutique and the Royal Tailor Salon. The Royal Collection Boutique houses exclusive Disneyland Hotel merchandise from lanyards to Pandora, to that in room tangled inspired mirror to china cups and saucers. Of course it has the standard Disney plush, Minnie ears and spirit jerseys too, but you’ll find pieces from the upper end too such as Disney x Givenchy clothing and exclusive Disneyland Hotel Dooney & Burke handbags.

The Royal Tailor Salon adjoins the boutique but here you’ll find full Prince & Princess attire for your stay!

In comparison to other DLP hotels, well of course this is the best. On paper it absolutely should be, it’s the only 5* hotel there. However, a 5* hotel does not guarantee “the best”. But we truly found this hotel delivered just that. Every piece of artwork, every chosen wallpaper, every uniform, all fits the Princess themed hotel perfectly. Every single cast member we encountered, or who even just walked into the same area as you, they all say hello, smile warmly and the main thing I noticed was the eye contact. Always genuine eye contact. One afternoon we were sat in the rotunda, just watching the world go by. And 2 cast members came out of La Table De Lumiere and I watched them actively seek out guests eyes so they could connect with them and wish them a good day. Now that is service you do not easily find.

The sweetest thing was how many cast members openly told us they were nervous! With all the 5* touches and Disney brand standards for this hotel, there must be a lot to learn. Ensuring they remember, in order, any specific phrases, role play, extra magic and customer service tips. But they all did a great job and them telling us they were nervous just made it all the more personable.

In comparison to Walt Disney World hotels where we have stayed in value, moderate and deluxe resorts, none compared to this in terms of service. But then again, none of them were officially 5*. They were all amazing in their own ways: Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort (a Deluxe Resort) especially was just amazing, it’s theming is out of this world, but even then….. it didn’t compare to this. This was also more expensive than the Polynesian too. For which we paid £750pn over Easter 2023 for a standard room. 

What made this hotel the best Disney hotel I’ve ever been to was the service and the 5* standards. It really is a 5* hotel in every sense of the word, and that for me make it a winner.

Checking in at Disney’s Polynesian Resort for our 5 night stay!

Next, let’s compare to other 5* resorts around the world: there’s a whole other blog post coming on this as I spent 6 years of my life living in 5* hotels and on cruise ships, the latter 2 years exclusively in 5* hotels, which were some of the best 5* hotels in the world. So I have a lot to share with you on this! But spoiler alert, Disneyland Hotel in Paris has made it into the top 5, possibly even top 3.

I’d love to know your thoughts on this hotel, have you visited or stayed? Do you share my opinions? I’d love to know! Would you spend £800+ a night to stay at the Disneyland Hotel?

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